Pulpit Supply

Unit Compensation

In 2021, the Minimum Unit Compensation Rate is $90.00.

Compensation for any service during any day must be at least one unit; compensation for service exceeding one unit [whether defined as “a morning, an afternoon or an evening,” or as three to four hours] will be appropriately higher. The presbytery has established specific Unit Assignments for certain pastoral services, as follows:


1. Temporary moderator of a session or congregational meeting

a. First meeting: no payment

b. All subsequent meetings: 1.5 units or $135.

2. Pulpit Supply

a. Single worship service on a Sunday: 2 units or $ 180

b. Two worship services on the same day: 3 units or $ 270

c. Note: The congregation hosting a Neutral Pulpit for a candidate under consideration by another congregation is not expected to compensate that candidate for preaching.

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