Committee on Ministry

The Committee on Ministry cares for the clergy of the presbytery and the relationships between pastors and churches. The chair, John Sweet, may be reached (c/o the Presbytery of Boston office) by e-mail here.

Meetings - The Committee's Stated Meetings are on the first Thursday of every month at 7:00 pm via Zoom.

Membership - The committee on ministry has a membership of seven teaching elders and seven ruling elders.


The committee on ministry (COM) functions according to the relevant provisions of the Book of Order, especially G-11.0502 in the Form of Government.

  • It serves as pastor and counselor to the ministers of the presbytery, facilitating the relations between congregations, ministers, and the presbytery, and settling difficulties on behalf of presbytery when possible and expedient.
  • It relates non-parish ministers to the life of the presbytery and churches.
  • It supports ministers and commissioned church workers as they seek to evaluate and clarify their vocational goals.
  • It conducts triennial visits to all churches in the presbytery.
  • It supports the process of dissolution of pastoral relationships and appoint session moderators when necessary.
  • It supports churches in the process of seeking a new pastor through the following steps:
    • guidance in conducting, and approval of, a mission study
    • searching for an interim pastor
    • guidance to session, congregation, and PNC concerning the search and nomination process
    • interviewing of candidates invited for a neutral pulpit
  • It interviews all candidates who request ordination under the authority of the presbytery and all ministers seeking membership in the presbytery, and present to presbytery for examination those whom it considers suitable.
Resources for COM

Interim Resources

Triennial Visits

Sabbatical Leave

Family Leave Guide

Pastor's Reports

Help for pastors: Guidance for writing monthly Pastor's Reports, for session's as well as your own benefit.

Terms of Call for a New Pastor

The form to be filled out when a congregation decides to call a new pastor: four copies of the call form are to be prepared, signed by the meeting moderator and duly elected representatives of the congregation, by the candidate, the COM chair and finally by the stated clerk (after the presbytery acts.

Administrative Commission

The forms and instructions for Administrative Commissions for the Ordination and/or Installation of Ministers:

Standards of Ethical Conduct

This Standards of Ethical Conduct document was approved by the 210th General Assembly, 1998.