David Dorer (TE)

Vice Moderator


Immediate Past Moderator

Verónica Soto Feliciano (RE)

Stated Clerk

T. J. DeMarco (TE-2023)

Recording Clerk

Mary Lou Smith (RE-2021)


Andrew Parmelee (TE-2021)

Resource Presbyter (Staff)

Cindy Kohlmann (TE-2021)


Trustees manage the assets and properties of The Presbytery of Boston.


Committee on Ministry deals with the relationships of pastors and churches, oversees specialized ministers. Eric Markman(TE) and Jane Wilson (TE), Co-Chairs

Committee on Preparation for Ministry inquirers and candidates for ministry are guided by this Committee. Mark Vogel (RE), Chair; Betty Rots, Administrative Clerk

Committee on Representation This committee advises the presbytery concerning its implementation of the principles of inclusiveness.

Nominating Committee Nominates persons to fill all presbytery offices, commissioners and vacancies on presbytery committees (except itself), the Council, and the permanent judicial commission. Allen Fairfax (TE), Chair

Committee on Congregation Support and Development surveys congregations as to strengths and needs, provides resources and training in areas of worship, Christian education, mission, evangelism and outreach, nurture, administration, strategic planning, stewardship and leadership development; aids congregations in redevelopment process. David Leigon (RE), Chair

Committee on Education for Mission invites, reviews and evaluates proposals for mission; recommends allocation of presbytery’s mission funds; provides leadership for Presbytery wide programs in Christian Education, campus ministry, peace and justice, youth events.

Personnel administers Presbyter’s personnel policies, performing annual reviews of all staff as well as compensation review. Bob Kellegrew (RE), Chair.

Committee on Stewardship and Budget develops a long range funding plan for presbytery, recommends and submits budget to Council; develops a stewardship plan within presbytery.


Terms for various committees and positions are typically 3 years. The year noted for the person serving indicates they have been elected to that position until the first Presbytery meeting of that year. Nominating Committee elects Committee Chairs after the current Chairperson's term ends. Nominating Committee members are nominated by Presbytery Council.
TE = Teaching Elder
RE = Ruling Elder
Ch = Chairpersons
VCh = Vice-Chair
(#) = Number of terms the person has been serving consecutively.