Presbytery of Boston Standing Rules

The Presbytery of Boston adopted two Standing Rules related to congregations seeking Presbytery's approval of an action under G-3.0303b (moving, dividing, being dismissed, or being dissolved) or under G-5.05 (entering into joint witness with another congregation.  Those Standing Rules #14 and #15 may be viewed by clicking here.

The Standing Rules outline a process that includes requesting a Response Team who will accompany the session and congregation as they discern the way in which God is calling them to live out their future ministry as part of the church of Jesus Christ, taking care to seek to hear the breadth of opinions represented.  

Once a plan of action is formulated, the session and response team will communicate the plan to the Presbytery Council, along with a request for creation of an administrative commission (G-3.0109b) to implement the plan.

If a response team is appointed and then dismissed under paragraph (h) of Standing Rule E.14 (failure to reach consensus), Council will consider the need for the appointment of an administrative commission to support the congregation through its discernment process and, if an administrative commission is warranted will propose appointment of such a commission at the next stated meeting of the presbytery or at a special meeting called for that purpose.